Data Recovery

In our house we can follow the following Data Transfer and Restore:

  • From defective hard disk (data restoration) to standard data carriers
  • Restoration or reproduction:
  • From one hard disk to another hard disk (HDD)
  • From CD to standard data carrier
  • Of deleted data
  • From deleted data to standard data carriers
  • Recovery of CD, DVD data
  • data replication
  • Other formats on request
  • In each case an individual case test has to be carried out.

If a loss of data has occurred with you, keep quiet and proceed with care so that no further losses occur.

The cause of the data loss can not always be clearly identified, sometimes losses are determined only after delay, so it can be more sensible not to undertake a rescue attempt itself.

Talk to us, we will find a solution together to get your data, or to regenerate it.

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